Rita’s Bio

My passion is exploring exotic Brazil and writing about its history, people, and culture. I like to bring the little known aspects of Brazil to light, such as …..a city in the middle of the Amazon forest once known as the Paris of South America with an opera house to match the one in Paris, an unconventional artist from the turn of the 19th/20th century, an English school in the interior of Sao Paulo State, a festival  in a small town on  the Amazon river, a Southern Confederate cemetery in a town called Americana, a city known as Brazil’s little Switzerland.

I was born in New York City and studied French and linguistics at the University of Central Florida. After graduating, I lived in France and Scotland for four years, working as a writer and teacher. While working as an airline stewardess, I discovered Brazil.  I participated in the happy madness that is Carnaval in Rio and developed a love for the country and its people.

I am fluent in French and Portuguese and speak some Spanish. I am married to a writer, and we live in Princeton, NJ with our dog.